Welcome Family!

Hi Christensen Clan!  A goal set at the reunion two years ago is now a reality. Thanks to Jake Breinholt, (Beth Breinholt’s son) we have a great domain name and the potential for a wonderful website.  This is a great website, too, with many capabilities.  The name, Christensen, can be picked up by search engines, thereby facilitating those looking for our family information. Don’t panic! We can choose what information is seen.  That would include things like ancestral histories, ancestral gedcoms, ancestral pictures, etc.  The operative word is ancestral, meaning things pertaining to Christensen that are in the past–way past.  The other good part is we can post current information we want seen, for example, the current plans for the next Christensen reunion. 

In addition to this, we have a private part of this website, too, that only members can access, that includes current addresses and contact information for the family members. Cool, huh!

So watch for new developments as we add, improve and grow this website!

With much love from your niece, mom, cousin, sister and friend,

Beth Breinholt

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