Getting to know M.J.

As I have had the opportunity to work on this site, I have had such a peculiar experience. Being a great-grandchild of M.J.’s I only had the privilege to meet him a scarce few times, in the flesh. I do have some fond memories of visiting the Christensen home in Las Vegas, which I hope to organize and post at a later date. But for the most part, my great grandfather was just a cool white-haired guy with a pool and player piano, who we would visit when we were in Vegas. I remember being sad when he passed away. Other than that, I really didn’t know much else about him, except that he was a jeweler. Since I have been working with my mother and aunts on this site, my intrigue has grown exponentially. It started when we were adding the first batch of pictures. I was thinking what a stylish dresser M.J. was. Over the weekend Annalee added the first part of the M.J.’s written history. As I was going through to paginate it, I couldn’t help but read it. I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that this is the first time I have read this story, since my mother previously gifted me a hard copy of the book, containing the same text. It was almost like reading the first part of an extremely captivating serial novel (except with much more personal sentiment). I cannot wait to learn more about my heritage. I just want to say thank you, once again to those who worked so diligently to compile all of the material that will eventually be on this site. I’m loving it! For those descendants of M.J. who have not yet had a chance to read his self-titled “memoirs,” I strongly recommend that you take a peek.

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  • Way to warm the heart of a dedicated family historian, Jake! We call that “turning the hearts.” The cool thing is, Grandpa is still alive and still cares about us. It’s just harder to visit with him since he’s now “bodiless.” (Is that even a word?) But the work you are doing is facilitating his visit with us.
    PS You want to read something very interesting and pretty revealing, try his love letters to Hazel, written from his mission.

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