Our wonderful Family reunion

On June 19th, the M Joy and Hazel Family met at the old Jewelry store at 856 E. Sahara. There were stories told, memories renewed and relationships forged as we remembered our mother’s and talked and laughed and ate. Each of the families honored their mother’s with wonderful displays of their life and times. Many went on a tour of the Jewelery store and remembered bygone years. Don brought the two wing-backed chairs, the table and the lamp that sat forever in the home at 710 Lacy Lane. Many memories of M Joy and Hazel holding court with their family came to our minds as we saw and sat in those chairs. (we just wished we had the ottoman with the fringe to braid!!)

All four of the uncles were there and took some time at the mike telling stories and jokes and generally making us all feel welcome. Many “made jewelery at the Jewelery store” as we made beaded earrings and leather wrist bands to help us remember the good times.

Earlier in the day, some of us went to Woodlawn cemetary to decorate graves and then over to Wayne and Jill Christensen’s home to swim. Many thanks to Susie Whitney and her family for their hours of work and planning that helped us put it all together.

It was decided that the M Joy and Hazel reunion would be held every 5 years, so the next one is scheduled for 2015 and the Paul Christensen family will be in charge. Hope to see you in 2015!!!

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  • Judy, sorry this took so long to publish. I did not see that you had written it.

  • And the reunion WAS wonderful. Thanks to you too, Judy,

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