History of Hazel Johnson Christensen



Joy loved to vacation.  We have been on some really nice trips.  We went to Hawaii with Reed and Birdie Whipple, to Mexico with Jack and Lottie Wollenzien.  Vern and Carl and their wives flew in a private plane and met us there.

We went to New York and took a bus tour through the New England states.  We went to see Don and Vern while they were in the service-to Washington to see Don and to Florida to see Vern.  We went with the Wollenziens to Alaska.

Anne and Ruth, Joy’s sister, went with us for a month in Europe.  Hattie and I went to Hawaii.  We took Adele with us.  Adele and Ron took us back to the mission field to see our friends there.

Looking Back

Someone has said, “If you want to know what your wife will be like, look at her mother.”  Joy says he wishes I were like my mother, because I’m not.  I’m more outspoken than Mother was.  I don’t think I have a temper though.  And I don’t think it’s really bad to be outspoken.

I guess I have always been afraid of things.  I was afraid of horses.  I was always kind of afraid of mountains.  I don’t like airplanes either.  Now I’d just rather stay home.  Paul says we can’t just stay home, but I guess I can.  I can now.  I can’t go anyway unless someone takes me.

I’ve had some trouble with my health.  In February of 1978 my knee gave way with me.  Norma took me to a bone surgeon, and I have arthritis with spurs in my knee.  I was so bored at home, I went back to work for a while at the store.  If I’m on my leg too much, it aches like toothache.

I’ve had cataracts removed on both eyes.  In 1980 the eye doctor told me a blood vessel ruptured in my eye so I can hardly see in that eye.  My eyes are so bad it is hard for me to do a lot of things.  I used to help Joy copy patriarchal blessings.

In the summer of 1981 I was in the hospital for a while. They ran tests on my blood and lymph nodes.  They gave me some medicine to bring that problem under control.  Then in 1982 I broke my leg right below the hip.  Later that year I broke my arm.  It took a long time to get back on my feet after the broken leg, and it has taken a while to use my arm again too.

I believe that the growing-up years with your children are probably the best years.  I can remember more what the older children did than the others.  I guess it’s because I had more time with them.  I’m proud of the kids.  My boys are good boys.  When they’re grown and don’t do like they should you’d like to shake them.  I wonder where I failed.  But they are good kids.  Our two girls are special.  They are very religious and tend to their Church duties.  We have thirty-three grandchildren.  The number of great-grandchildren is increasing every year.


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