History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


My Testimony and Anne’s Death

I know the gospel is true and that we have the best and only true Church.  That knowledge helps tremendously when trials come along.  On August 2, l981 our older daughter, Anne, passed away.  While I was in the hospital with my broken leg, Anne was right there in my mind the whole time.  She had just gone through all this lying in bed.  We saw her in the hospital in July on the way up to Preston to my family reunion.  Joy and Vern couldn’t stand to be in there because she looked so sick.  I knew then that she was terribly ill.  Her eyes didn’t have life and expression in them.  When I first came in she said, “I’m so glad to see you.  I wanted to see you once more so badly.”

Then she couldn’t talk any more.  I just sat there with her.  I didn’t know what to say either.  On the way home from the reunion we stopped again.  She seemed a little better that day, although her daughter Joy told me later that was her best day.  Joy (my husband) kept saying, “She’s not going to make it, is she?”

I said, “Yes, have some faith, will you?”  I didn’t want to think that.  The morning her husband called, it was about three o’clock in the morning.  The phone is on my side so I answered and talked to him. 

Dad said, “It’s Anne, isn’t it?”

I said, “How did you know?”

“I just didn’t think she was going to make it,” he replied.  She had a broken hip that would have taken another operation.  (She had already had two that summer, for cancer and peritonitis.)  While I was in the hospital, I kept thinking, if she had to go, I’m glad they didn’t operate on her first.

We’ve had so many people write and tell us how wonderful she was.  So many said, “She’ll have a place up there with all those people she’s helped with genealogy.”  People I hardly knew have come and said how much she helped them with their genealogy. 

At the funeral I was surprised to see our former bishop, Bishop Peterson, and his wife there.  When she spoke to me at the cemetery, she said, “You know, Anne helped me so much with my genealogy.”  I didn’t know.  She would go to the library in Las Vegas from Logandale and help people there.  I can’t help but feel that she’s met a lot of people that she’s helped along with her ancestors, and also met her three little grandchildren that are there.


“History of Hazel Johnson Christensen” written by her in February 1959.

“A History of Hazel Johnson Christensen” written by her in her 78th year.

Taped interview with Joy Whitney Stubbs in September 1980.

Correspondence from Hazel Johnson Christensen to Joy Whitney Stubbs December 28, 1980 and January 9, 1981.

Taped interview with Clark Whitney, Las Vegas 1982.

“Tell It Again” by Hattie Greaves

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