History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


Additional Writings

Excepts from Hazel’s Journal:  January 1, 1979-April 20, 1985

[See full transcript of her journal on the DVD.]
January 1
.  We spent a quiet New Years Day.  We finished putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  We had a very nice Christmas.  We saw all our children.  Anne didn’t stay too long, but Adele and her children were here four full days.  Christmas night we had the M.J. Christensen reunion.  We had it at David’s house.  There were sixty four present.  We are going to have our Christensen party in the summer.

Jan 28.  We woke up to snow on the ground.  It is strange to have the ground and shrubs white.  If the sun ever comes out it will melt it but it is real chilly.

Jan 29.  Paul came just as I was sitting down to eat dinner to get me to go to the store.  I went walking out and slipped on the ice.  I fell with my left arm under me and hit my forehead on the cement.  A lump raised up on my forehead and my elbow. David took me to the hospital to be x-rayed.  Then he put some Novocain in the elbow and drew the loose blood out.  My arm is purple from the shoulder to wrist both back and front.  In all my life it has hurt worse than anything else.

Feb 1.  It snowed again yesterday.  The boys had a nice open house birthday for their dad.  Dell came by Thur. afternoon and went home last night (Feb 3).  Karen had a baby boy named Sam.

Feb 4.  I don’t know how I can manage with one arm.

Mar 25.  We went to Gene’s ward to Fast meeting to-day.  He wanted dad to stand with him to bless the baby.  The baby had his father, two grandfathers, great grandfather and five uncles in the circle.  Gene gave him a good blessing.  We went to house afterwards and had doughnuts and milk.  Then we came home and over to Karen’s.  Her baby was blessed in our ward and she had cookies and punch after.  Paula brought us such a good cake.  For our Christmas present she gave us a coupon book with twelve coupons.  In January she brought us a real good apple pie.  In Feb I went to dinner at her house for dinner.  Dad went to Salt Lake with Vern.  I think they take us out in April.

Apr 9.  We went to St. George with Don and Zona for Laura’s marriage.  Judy and Dwayne went too.  We stayed in a motel and nearly were late the next morning at the temple.

Apr 10.  Anne met us at the Temple.  It was a very nice day and Laura was a beautiful bride.  Her dress was so pretty.  Anne went home with us.  Bert came after school and they stayed all night.  They took us out to dinner.  Don took us to lunch and we ate breakfast in St. George.  So I didn’t get any meals at all.

Apr 11.  Anne and I had such a good visit and I hated to see her go home.

Apr 13.  Anne called to tell us that Jill’s three year old boy drowned.  It is a big shock to me.  It is the first death in our family.  Wayne’s stillborn I guess was the first.  He was a full term baby.

April 22.  The three boys in the store and their wives left this morning for Carmel, Calif. to research group meeting.  We didn’t go this time.  It is no fun for me and Joy wouldn’t go there without me.  In the evening Bob and Barbara Giles took us to their place for ice cream and cake.  Then we went to the church for a fireside.

Apr 28.  It has been lonesome all week with the boys away.  They came home this evening.  They seemed glad to be back.

July 25.  Joy and I went with Don, Zona and Marc to Canada in their motor house.  We went to Preston and stayed overnight. 

July 26.  We went as far as Missoula, Mont.

July 27.  We arrived in Cardston and stayed at LaVerle’s place until Monday morning.  She and Jim (her husband) treated us like royalty.  They have a lovely vegetable garden with flowers and berries mixed in.  We had all the strawberries and raspberries we could eat.  Sunday we went to Mt. View where Zona was raised.  We had a turkey dinner at her brother Tom’s place.  Went to church and called on her brother Russ.  She served us dessert with service berries which was very good.  Zona has a real nice family.

Nov. 5.  My birthday.  80 years.  Adele showed me a quilt she has made with the help of the grand children and my family.  Each one of my six and the 33 grand children made a block for it.   It is so pretty.  When we got home in the evening Don took us to Paul’s where our four boys and Anne and their spouses had a lovely dinner for me.

Nov. 22.  Nothing much has happened since I wrote before.  To-night Elizabeth came. She rode down with Julia. Later Dell and the rest of her family came.  I bought the makings for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Dell brought my quilt. It is so pretty and I love it so much.

Nov. 23.  Anne, Bert, and her unmarried four came to dinner.  The girls cooked it and cleaned up afterwards.  I enjoyed it.

Nov. 24.  We went to St. George to the Temple to see Joan married.   She was a lovely bride.   Afterwards his parents had a wedding breakfast which was nice.  Doris bought a wedding cake.  She didn’t have a reception.  Don, Zona, Judy, Dell, Ronnie, and us two went up in the Motor home. 

Mar. 20.
  The four boys and their wives and Joy and I had our pictures taken.  They are going to do a write up of us in the paper.  I am still real miserable with my cold.

Mar. 24.  The news paper photographer came to the store and took more pictures.  Anne and Bert came in and had theirs taken.

Mar. 27.  I went to the store with Joy and stayed all day.  It was sorta fun.  When I got home a letter was there from Dell with a picture of her and Ronnie.

Apr. 6.  We watched conference.  Were so thrilled with the part from Fayette New York.  Our leaders are getting so old.  We went to Paul’s and Norma’s for Easter dinner.  We ate in the back yard and it was very nice.  Laura has such a good looking baby.  The Sun paper had pictures of us and a story in their magazine section.  It was very good. [This clipping is scanned on the DVD.]  Dell called and said Richard was ordained a Deacon.  He is our Youngest grandson so we won’t have any more Deacons.


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