History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


Apr. 7.  Zona invited us over to dinner.  It was a really nice evening.  Just the four of us.  Then Gene brought Joseph for Zona to tend while they took the other children to a show.  He is a real good baby and wasn’t any trouble.

Aug. 9.  We went to Skip’s baptism.  He is our next door neighbor and Norma’s brother-in-law.  Joy confirmed him.  He said Joy is the one who kept after him to join.  Don, Zona, and me went and had dinner.

Oct. 6.  We have been in our house on Lacy Lane for 22 years.

Nov 4.  We voted.

Nov 5.  My birthday.  Howard and Selma called.  I got cards and gifts from a lot of my grandchildren and children.  We went out to dinner with Judy and Dwayne.  In the evening we had a house full of family.  It was a very happy birthday.

Nov 26.  I spent the day at the store.  I don’t like to be home when the cleaning woman is here.  Adele and family came around seven o’clock.  I love to have them come.

Nov 27.  Adele cooked the Thanksgiving dinner.  Elizabeth came this morning with Marcus from Provo.  I enjoyed the day.  In the evening we went over to Don’s and Zona’s for a few minutes.

Nov 28.  We went to our store and had such a good time visiting.  We went to lunch.  Adele, Elizabeth and I.

Nov 29.  Dell and family left for home around noon.  I always hate to see them leave.

Nov 30.  To-day we have been married 59 years. After the football game last night Elizabeth, Eric, and Marc brought us a cake they had made at Zona’s.  All decorated.  It was good.  We went to Logandale at noon to Annalee’s farewell.  Dad talked at it.  They also blessed Brenda’s baby.  All of Anne’s family was there except Andy.  The whole family sang two or three songs.  She has such a nice family.  Don took us over there.  Eric, Judy and Dwayne and Chris went.  The other two, Elizabeth and Marc stopped and went to the meeting on their way to Provo.

Dec 16.  I went to the store.  I was tired of staying home.  It is a rat race.  Joan brought her baby and left him while she went to the dentist.  He slept.  He is sure a good looking baby as are all our great grandchildren.

Jan 16.
  We got home in the evening.  I tripped over the luggage in the hall and really hurt me.  My right arm was useless for a couple of weeks.  The upper part of the arm was purple just like my left one was two years ago.

Mar 13.  It is eight weeks since I fell.  I’m almost over it but the muscle aches a lot yet.  I couldn’t write so I will just hit the highlights.  Marcus leaves for the Düsseldorf German mission April 16.  He wants me to talk in his farewell.  He’s a nice kid.  Carl got a divorce from Janey because of religion.  Paula bought a new house.  Robert (her fiancé) is living in it.  He invited us out to eat.  She cooked the dinner.  She has a diamond and they will get married when he has been in the church a year.  Dell and her kids came thru on their way to Utah to ski.  We always enjoy her.  Julia also has a diamond and will be married in June.  Jill and Wayne have a new baby girl born last Wed.  They will name her Maria Joy.  I am going to the hospital with Wayne to see her.

May 11.  We left on our trip to Tenn.  We had a real nice visit in McMinnville, but the trip was too hard on me.  I had a viral infection in my mouth.  We were gone twelve days.  The people there treated us so well.  They had a big dinner at the church after meetings.  I’m still not up to par.  The children who came to church while we were there are now grown and running it.

July 23.  We are going to Preston to the Johnson reunion to-morrow.  We are going with Vern and Doris.  I hope the trip isn’t too hard on me.

July 24.  We went to Provo and saw Anne in the hospital.  She is a very sick person.  We stayed in Salt Lake over night.

July 25.  We went to Preston and the reunion was in the evening at Carol’s and 150 were there and it was very nice.  Paul and Norma came to it too.  Hattie has most of her family home but we stayed there anyway. Paul and Norma left for home after the reunion.  Vern and Doris stayed in a motel.

July 26.  We went to church with Hattie.

Aug 1.  I called Joy Stubbs.  She said her mother is about the same.


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