History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


Aug 2.  Bert called in the night to tell us Anne had passed away about 2:00 a.m. Provo time.  It is a blow to me but she has suffered so much.

Aug 5.  Anne was buried to-day in Logandale.  It was really a nice funeral (as funerals go).  There was a big crowd and a lot of people from Las Vegas and Boulder City were there.  People here in the ward have brought us a lot of food and our neighbor across the street brought us a real beautiful bouquet.  We have had a lot of people come to see us and we have received a lot of phone calls.  Dell, Ronnie, and her two girls came up last night and went with us to Logandale.  They went home after the funeral.  Don returned from the national Jamboree to-night.

Aug 9.  I went to church today.  A lot of people asked about Anne.  It is hard for me when they do.  Brenda and Mike came by on their way home.  Clark and Susie came over Fri. and saw us.

Aug 13.  We went to Santa Monica with Don and Zona in their motor home to Elizabeth’s wedding.  Eric went too.  Also Carl went down to it.  They were busy decorating at the church.

Aug 22.  Dell came back and left Suzanne and Rozanne with me while Dad is on his fishing trip.  He left to-day and will be gone about nine days.  Vern, Carl and David are with him.  They are on a mine sweeper in Canadian waters.

Aug 30.  Dad came home to-night.  He had a real good time.  He brought five stinking fish home.

Sept 8.  We went to Paul’s and Norma’s for dinner.  I came home about ten and fell and broke my femur bone up by the hip.

Oct 17.  I was operated on the 9th and was in the hospital for a little over two weeks.  Dell came up with us and stayed a week.  Joy is home with me.  I can’t stay alone.  He has to help me from a chair to the walker. I think I get a little better each day but I am so tired of sitting around.  The nights are long too.  Members of the family bring our dinner in so he doesn’t have to do much cooking.    Sally and Lee had a baby girl the 5th.  I think they named her Jaclyn Dawn.  Joy’s little invalid boy was buried Oct 14.  He was eleven.  Mary came and spent an hour with us.  Then Lee came and got her.  I can’t keep the days straight.  Mary and Gerald Hitchcock came and spent a couple of hours with us.  They live in Tenn.  Elizabeth and Delbert spent the weekend a couple of weeks ago.  She stayed with me and Joy went to Sacrament meeting.  He misses church and hated to be confined to the house. 

Dec 30.  Julia had her baby.  A boy.  He weighed 2 1?2 lbs.  He was a six month baby.  They had to take it to save her.

Jan 1.
Vern took Joy to the hospital this morning to administer to the baby.  It is sick.

Jan 4.  Julia went home to-day.  She is better but the baby will likely die.  The Dr. ­doesn’t give it much of a chance.

Jan 5.  Julia’s baby died at noon.  Clark Whitney, Anne’s son, will take care of the little body.  Grant and Julia feel so bad about him going.  I feel sorry for them.

Jan 7.  Graveside services were held for the baby.  It was real cold but I stayed in the car.

Mar 16.  I can’t go and vote to-day.  It is too long a walk into the polls.  The days are long and the nights are longer.  Joy goes for 4 or 5 hours every day and I don’t see too well.  It is so good when the family comes to see us.

Mar 21.  I didn’t go to church today.  My leg hurt all night and all day.  I don’t know why.

Mar 22.  My leg didn’t hurt to-day.  I get tired when I walk.

Apr 11.  We went to Paul’s and Norma’s for dinner.  Their whole family was there.  The grandchildren are really precious.  When we got home there was a card from Carl and Ellen on the door.  I’m sorry we missed them.

May 8.  Paul and Norma got my iron furniture off the porch and he sprayed it all white and she planted marigolds in the flower box for mother’s day.  I am really happy with it. 

May 9.  I got a lot of cards from grandchildren and children.  Vern, Doris, Don and Zona came and ate dinner with us.  Vern and Doris went and bought it.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I didn’t go to church.  Zona, Doris and Wayne Clark each brought me a carnation.  David and April brought me some tulips in a pot.  Jill brought me a bunch of flowers from her garden.  Julia and Grant brought some cookies.  Karen made me a pretty blue dress she had made.  Ellen and Carl brought a cassette and a box of See’s Candy.  Paula brought me her wedding picture in a frame and a picture of Jason in a ceramic frame.  He is sure a cute baby.  Judy and family brought me a game.  I had a real nice Mother’s Day but I couldn’t help but think about Anne and her family.  Joy has a dose of dermatitis.  David is giving him pills for it.  I hope they take care of it.


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