History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


May 13.  Don and Zona came by and brought me a couple of pounds of See’s candy for Mother’s day.  Vern and Doris have brought our dinner in at night about five times a week for the last two weeks.

Nov 5.  To-day is my birthday.  Joy brought me a beautiful bowl. Emily made a card for me.  She came up with Julia to bring it.  Ruth and Fae came to see us.  Ruth looks fine and says there are only a few things she can’t do.  Paul came in a minute with Jason.  Julia came and got some plates.  She is giving me a luncheon to-morrow for my birthday.  She has invited the daughters, daughters-in-law, grand daughters, and grand daughters-in-law.  Anne’s girls from Orem are coming, four of them, and Elizabeth, Adele and her other two are coming up to-night.

Nov 6.  We had the luncheon to-day.  It was grand to have all the girls.  The only grand daughters who weren’t there were Mary, who had to work, Annalee, who is in Mexico teaching and Marilyn, who had a previous engagement she couldn’t get out of and Linda, Kenneth’s wife, couldn’t come.  They all wrote me a letter and put them in a fancy book.  It made me so happy to think Jill from Mesa and the girls from Orem and Beth from Sandy came so far for one day.  Joy blessed Brenda’s baby at our house this morning.

Nov 7.  They’ve all gone home.  It is lonely.  At meeting to-day Joy blessed Paul’s baby and confirmed Lisa, David’s little girl.  We went out tonight with Ellen and Carl.

Nov 8.  Don and Zona came in for a few minutes.  They had been to Clark’s.  I don’t think I wrote that the boys, the four sons, gave me a golf cart for my birthday, so I could get out of the house.

Jan 23.
  After church we went out and visited Carl and Ellen.  David came by and took Dad to stake priesthood meeting.  Doris, Julia and Joan came in and sat a while.  Julia brought us each a piece of apple pie.  It was very good.  Also Leta sent us each a piece of John’s birthday cake.  We will eat it Mon.  The boys and Bob came over during S.S. and Don took me to Sacrament meeting.  After meeting Paul ordained James a priest.  James is a tall slim boy.  Very good looking.

Jan 25.  Paul brought some pictures of Carl swearing him in as chairman of the convention authority board.  It was sunny today.

Jan 26.  It is another cloudy day.  It gives me the blues.

Jan 28.  Mary came to learn how to knit diamond lace.  Ellen and Carl came to pick up the picture of him and Paul.  The four of us went to Sizzlers for dinner.

Jan 30.  Don, Paul and Bob came after Priesthood meeting and Don took me to Sacrament meeting.  Afterwards Don, Zona, Doris and we went to eat.  Paul, James and Norma came afterwards.  In the evening Mary came back to do some more on her lace.  She will catch on how soon.  It is a hard lace to knit.  David and his three girls came in to see us a few minutes.  He comes quite often.

Apr 10.  I didn’t feel well enough to go to church.  Don, Vern, Paul and Bob came during S.S. we went out in the golf cart for a while.  Vern and Sam came in.  Kelly came and played chess.  In the evening Don and Zona came and Don and dad went home teaching.  I was glad Zona came with him.

Apr 11.  Norma brought our dinner in. 

Apr 12.  I went to David’s office and had a blood test.  I don’t know the results yet.  I have a miserable cold.  I would get over it I think if the weather would ever warm up a little.

Apr 23.  La Verle, Zona’s sister came for Don’s and Zona’s farewell.  They brought her by for a minute.

Apr 24.  The usual bunch came over during Sunday School.  Also La Verle.  Zona and Don both gave good talks.  Four of the grandchildren sang a song.  Also the five boys and Dwayne sang which was nice.  Carl opened the meeting and Marcus closed it.  Afterwards Don’s whole family, La Verle and we went to Wayne’s and had dinner.  At five o’clock there was a reception.  It was a surprise to Don and Zona.  A lot of people came.  They were really surprised.

Apr 26.  Another dull day.  Norma invited us to dinner in the evening.  Her mother was there too.  It was a very good dinner.

Apr 28.  Doris brought food in last night and to-night.

Apr 29.  Vern and Paul both came in to see us a few minutes.

Apr 30.  We went to Paul’s garage in the golf cart and visited with him and Vern.  Don came over with the truck.  He came in the house with us and waited for Gene and Carl to pick him up.  They each brought a couple of kids with them.  In the evening Marcus came over and he and Dad had a few games of Othello.

May 1.  Don Paul, Vern, Paul L and Bob came over and Don took me to church.  Marcus came and got us at five and we went over to Don’s for a barbeque.  Their whole family was there.  Pres. Johnson came later and set them apart for their mission.  David came too.  Marcus brought us back home at bed time.

May 2.  Don and Zona came over to tell us goodbye.  I sure hate to see them go.


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