History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


May 3.  I went to the store with Joy to sign some papers.  Paul came over and chatted a while.  Don came to the store so I said good-bye again.

May 7.  Nothing much has happened since Tues.  Doris has brought food in each night.  I spent the most of the day in the cart.  Carl and Ellen came over and brought a gift (a new scrabble game).  I was happy to see them.  They have been gone two weeks.  Paul sent out and got lunch and we ate it in his garage.  Vern came in the evening and brought a gift from him, Doris, Paul and Norma.  A stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.  We took Marcus to Sizzlers for dinner.  Then he and Joy played pool and the player piano.  Leta and Skip came and brought me a basket of fruit.  They are real good neighbors.

May 8.  Judy came on her way to work and brought me a bouquet of Snap Dragons from her garden.  While she was here Don called to wish me a happy mother’s day.  She talked to him and Zona.  Zona also wished me a happy mother’s day.  Vern, Paul and Bob came over and Dad came home and took me to meeting.  I got a carnation there.  David, Pam and girls brought me a bouquet of purple chrysanthemums from all of Vern’s family.  Carl and Ellen came by.  In the evening Mary, Lee, Tom, Kathryn and kids came and brought some cake.  We had some with ice cream.  Eric called from Tempe.  Paula, Robert and Jason came and brought a card from Paul’s family.  I got some beautiful cards.

Oct 19.  Carl and Mary came and visited.  While they were here, Paul and Kelly came.  It was so good to have them come.  We are listening to the Book of Mormon on tapes again.  It is hard for me to find things to do.  I’m getting blinder all the time.

Oct 31.  Paula brought us a jar of jelly she had made.  Joan brought our dinner in.  Among the kids that came for treats, 15 of our great grandchildren.  Sally brought Jacklyn, Judy, her two, Joan brought Daniel, Paul his four boys, Laura, Steven and David his three girls.  Linda, Dave and Dwayne came too.  The children were all in costume and looked so cute.  Kelly brought their three.

Nov 1.  65 years ago I was operated on for appendicitis at home.  Doris brought our dinner in.  Karen brought us some stew.  We will have it for lunch tomorrow.  Judy came by and visited us at noon.  Paul came in and chatted.  Also David came by.

Nov 2.  Norma brought our dinner in.  Ellen and Carl came over to bring me a birthday present.  She had decorated a basket and filled it with miniature candy bars.  Vern and Doris came in too.  I went to the grocery store.  The first time in over two years.

Nov 28.  Norma brought some turkey noodle soup in for our supper.  David came and took our picture while we were talking about our past.  He can put it on TV and we can be seen and heard.  He recorded for almost an hour.

Nov 29.  I went to the store with dad.

Nov 30.  To-day is our 62nd wedding anniversary.  We had no celebration.  Doris sent dinner in.

Dec. 25.  There were 50 of our family to meeting.  Dad was the speaker and he gave a very good talk.  We went to Paul’s and Norma’s to dinner.  In the evening Vern and Doris came in to see us. Skip and Leta brought us a puzzle.

Apr 7.  We watched conference in the morning.  They are going to build a temple in LV.  We went to the meeting house for the afternoon session.  I nearly froze.  The talks were all very good.  Pam, David and their two girls came in a few minutes.  He came and took Dad to the priesthood meeting in the evening.

Apr 18.  Adele, Suzanne and Rozanne came back Tuesday afternoon.  Yesterday we went to the jewelry store and she bought Suzanne some pearls for her birthday.  We went to lunch at Sizzlers.  In the evening Carl and Ellen came and she stayed while he went to a meeting.  Paul came in too.

Apr 22.  Friday we went to our store and Adele and girls went to Atchley’s in the afternoon.  The pipe under our sink sprung a leak.  Don and Zona came over and he fixed it.  Ronnie called and told Adele to have breakfast ready for the eight boys and two men Sat. at nine.  So she had to go to the store and buy the food.  They came and had breakfast and then left.  They had been to Salt Lake skiing.  Adele left right after.  We always hate to see them go.  Dad was ill this morning with a bad cold so we didn’t go to church.  Vern and Paul came to see us and Vern sent Dr Paul to give dad some medicine.  Ray came and spent a couple of hours with us.  Then Carl, Ellen, Tom, Kathryn and kids came.  Julia, Grant and baby came.  Also Vern and Doris.  Norma sent us a nice dinner in with her girls, Paula and Laura.  Then Sally brought dessert.  The dinner was very good.

May 24.  I went to our store so they could bomb our house for bugs.  Carl and Ellen came over after the ball game.  She stayed and ate with us while Carl went to a political thing for Paul.  Doris brought the food in.  When he got back Vern, Don and Zona came.  We went out to Carl’s for a while.  Saw Tom’s family and Ray.

May 25.  Carl, Ellen and Vern came to see us.  We went to Don’s to a barbeque.  Eric and Anne were home from Europe.  Marcus brought five boys home for the weekend.  Carl and Judy and their families were there.

May 27.  I didn’t go to church.  I fell in the shower and was too sore to walk into church.  It didn’t break any bones.  Carl and Ellen came and spent the evening.  Also Paul, Linda, and their four little boys.

June 27.  Daneen had a baby boy in the night.  We went out in the cart.


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