History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


June 28.  Zona came to see me.  I went to Julia’s to a luncheon for Pam.  Brenda had a baby girl this morning.

June 29.  Paul came into see us.  Don, Zona, Eric, and Ann came in the evening.  I like to have someone come.  Marco and Bob also came.

June 30.  Paul washed and waxed our car.  We sat out in the carport and watched him.  James went and got sandwiches and potato chips and we had lunch out there.  It was hot but a breeze made it bearable.  Laura and her family were there too.  The car looks like new.  Carl, Ellen, her sister, and two girls came over.  We (dad and I) went to Paul’s for dinner.  Then all but Norma and I went to the ball game.  Ray came and spent the evening with me.  I was sure glad.  A thunderstorm wind came up as they came home.  It was a wild couple of hours.

July 11.  We left for our trip.  Dick Lawrence came with us to Salt Lake.  Also Sally and Jaclyn.  We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel.  The four of us, Don, Zona, Dad and I went to see Promised Valley.

July 12.  We visited Rush and Erma for a few hours.  We went to Brigham and visited the graves.  Also went to Joy’s grandpa’s old home.

July 13.  We came to Preston and had a real good visit with Howard and Selma.  Roma, their daughter, was there and we had a real nice lunch.  Then went for a ride.  We saw the graves in the Preston Cemetery and went to Clarkson to see Martin Harris’ grave.  We took Howard and Selma to dinner.  We stayed in a motel and some people there had a wild party in the parking lot until after 2 o’clock.

July 14.  We stopped at the cheese factory in Smithfield.  We drove through Hyde Park and saw my grandpa’s old home.  We came to Orem and bought Dad a new pair of trousers.  We went to Joy’s and visited a while.  Then to Elizabeth’s and saw the new baby.  We stopped in Sandy and visited with Beth and saw her baby that we hadn’t seen before.  The two new babies are so cute.

July 15.  We didn’t go to church.  Joy was not feeling too good.  We visited with Bert, Adele, and her family and Annalee.  After lunch we went to Joy’s for a few minutes.  We then took the Steeles and Rozanne to dinner.  Then went for a ride up Provo Canyon and back down through American Fork.

July 16.  We came home.  We went thru Milford and saw our old homes.  Paul came to see us.  Also Carl, Ellen and her sister and girls.  Vern brought us each a piece of his birthday cake.

Aug. 12.  Paul, the Dr. called this morning to tell me Linda had her baby.  It is their 5th boy.  I went to all three meetings.  Paul, Julia, Grant, Austen, Ray, Carl, Ellen, Ponda, her two girls, Don, Zona, and Marcus all came to see us.  Also Karen and Emily.  It is so nice when the family comes to see us.  Ellen brought some spaghetti for our lunch Monday.  Zona brought some raspberries her sister had sent to her.  They were sure good on our ice cream.

Aug. 16.  We went to see Linda and our 75th great grandchild.  He is a doll.  The home teachers came to see us.  Vern brought food in.

Nov. 4.  I went to all 3 meetings.  Towards evening we were playing scrabble and in walked Adele.  She came up for my birthday.  Don and Zona met her at the plane.  Then Don took the five of us and Vern and Doris and Paul and Norma to a very good turkey dinner at the Country Kitchen.

Nov. 5.  Adele and I had a good visit.  She and Dad went to buy some groceries and he bought a new game for us to play.  During the evening Jill and her two girls came.  Then Karen, Kelly and their children.  Paul came.  Laura and Steven came.  Don, Zona, Carl and Ellen came.  Vern and Doris came for a minute. Julia, Grant and Austen came.  Judy, Dwayne and their two boys came.  Mary, Lee, Tom, and Kathryn and their three came.  Also David, Pam and their girls.  It was a real happy birthday.  I got a lot of cards and gifts.

Nov. 6. Today is Zona’s birthday.  I called to wish her a happy birthday.  Paula and Jason came with a lovely card.  Adele is leaving for home to-day.  We went to our store and had lunch.  Don and I went to the airport with Dell.  I sure hate to see her leave.  Karen brought our dinner in.  We went to Paul’s to listen to the election return.  He was elected to the Clark County Commission by a big majority.  Carl ran unopposed for his judge job.  He got the most votes of any one in Clark Co.

Nov. 29.  We had the grand opening of the store this evening.  Vern took us to the store.  We had our picture taken with the governor cutting the gold chain.  The store is beautiful and there were a lot of people who came to the opening.

Nov. 30.  It is 63 years to-day since we were married.  Dad brought me a box of See’s Candy.  Vern came for a while at noon.  In the evening Carl, Ellen, Paula and girls came.  Also Paul came.  Adele called us.

Jan. 7.
  Norma took us to Paul’s swearing in as county commissioner. His family (except James) was there.  Don, Zona, Carl, Ellen, Kelly and Max were there.  Also Skip, Leta, John and Ethel.  We went up and saw his office afterwards.  Norma brought our dinner in.  Paul came in the evening.  Also Bob came and brought us some candy.  Carl was sworn in in the afternoon as judge, but we couldn’t go out to see that.

Jan. 30.  Ellen came and visited us while Carl was painting his trailer.  We had a real nice visit.  Carl came in for a minute then they went home.  Vern brought dinner in.  Afterwards he and Paul came for a couple of hours.  It is so nice to have them come in.  The time passes faster.  David came to get his dad.

Jan. 31.  Vern brought our dinner in.  He took Joy to the ball game.  I hate to stay alone.  I hear every little noise.  I’ll be glad when the games are all over.  Dell, Richard and Rozanne are coming to-morrow night.  I like so much to have her come.

Feb. 1.  To-day is Joy’s birthday.  They had a party for him at the store.  He brought some pie home for me.  Julia, Grant and their baby came to see him and brought a cherry pie.  Judy, Dwayne and her boys brought our dinner in and ate with us.  Don and Zona came.  Then Carl and Ellen.  Then Adele, Richard and Rozanne got here.  Paul, Vern, and Doris came.  Marco, Bob and Kelly came.  We had a real nice party.  Most of them didn’t want refreshments so we just visited.

Apr. 19.  Vern and Bob came in the forenoon for a while.  Doris brought our dinner in.  Carl, Ellen, James, Vern, and Doris all came in the evening.  We took them out to show them the pool.  Paul pushed Vern in with all his clothes on.  They had made it up beforehand.  Dad goes swimming every night before going to bed.

Apr. 20.  I went out in the cart all morning watching Dad water and clip the dead roses.  Also watched Paul fix our broken sprinkler.


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