History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


We went on a mission for a year to Tenn. in 1962.  It really strengthened my testimony.  The four boys flew out once to get dad to sign some papers.  They built the Sahara store while we were gone.  We have been back four times to see the saints.  We went with the Sorensons in our car.  Then with Paul and Norma.  Then Don and Zona.  And in May 1981 Adele and Ronnie drove our car back.  I was sick but enjoyed seeing the Saints and the new meeting house.  When I got home David put me in the hospital.  I was very anemic.  I was feeling better and Vern and Doris took us to Preston, Idaho to the Johnson Reunion. 

We stopped at the Provo hospital and saw Anne who was there with Peritonitis caused by a ruptured bowel.  We saw her for a few minutes on our way home.  She had bone cancer in her spine.  She looked terrible.  She died a few days later, Aug 2, and was buried in Logandale.  She was a wonderful woman.  She had ten children. 

Don has six children.  Vern has five children.  Carl has three children and three step children. Paul has four children.  Adele has five children.  Don married Zona Walburger.  Vern married Doris Rowe.  Anne married Bert Whitney.  Carl married Dolores Vronick.  They were divorced.  He married Ellen Walker.  Paul married Norma Lee.  Adele married Ronnie Atchley. 

As of this day, July 8, 1985, we have had 78 great grand children.  Five have died.  Also we have 13 step great grandchildren. 

Sept. 8.  I fell in the kitchen and broke the femur bone in my leg.  I was in the hospital nearly two weeks.  I am so grateful for our grandson, David who took care of me.  He was so kind and thoughtful.  I use a walker, it’s getting real hard for me to see.  I can’t read or do any hand work.   I have tapes I listen to and Dad reads to me and we play games like scrabble and tile rummy.  Our boys are so very good to us.  Last summer Don took us to Preston to see my brother Howard.  It was a good trip.  Zona and Don were so good to us.  This was in 1985.


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