History of Hazel Johnson Christensen


From Hazel J. Christensen’s small blue notebook

When Bro. L asked me after S.S. if I would talk a few minutes in Sac. Meeting I felt like I couldn’t do it, but I have always been taught  to do what those in authority ask me. I have never stood before an audience to give a talk before and I pray that I may be able to say something of interest.

According to Nephi Anderson in his book Added Upon, our spirits are mated in our pre-existent state. I believe they are. My grandmother’s father and mother were born in Wurtenburg, Germany. The mother’s parents came to America when she was a baby and settled in Penn. The boy grew up in Ger. and was in the army. He ran away and worked his way to America and settled in her hometown. They both joined the Latter Day Saint church and were married. It seems there was something more than chance that brought them together. There are many such instances in our church which make me believe our spirits were mated before we received our bodies.

I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and I pray that I may be able to always do my part. This blessing I ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

We have in our church the gift of healing. I would like to relate an experience in our family that has been faith-promoting to me. When my aunt was a young girl she had a lump come on her tongue. She went to see doctors all over Utah, and they all told her it was a cancer and the only way to get rid of it was to operate. She said if she could go to the temple and be blessed, she thot it would leave. She and her mother fasted for three days and the third day went to the Temple and she was administered to and baptized for her health. The day she was in the Temple most of the people in the little town where she lived fasted and prayed for her. When she went to the Temple her tongue was so swollen she couldn’t close her mouth, but when she left it had gone down until she could and in a few days the lump had entirely gone. She went back to the Drs. And they said the cancer had gone entirely and would hardly believe she had been healed thru her faith.

From the 1956 notebook of lessons and instructions

Dates are pages she wrote on, not dates she wrote information. She used this date book as a blank book to take notes in:

Friday, February 24:  Ch. 23- Brigham Young, one of the greatest colonizers in the U.S. My father was a messenger boy for Brigham Young when he was a boy.

Friday March 16:  [President Heber J. Grant] wanted to sing so he kept trying. I heard him sing all the verses of “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” at a conference when I was a little girl. He stayed at our home when he was an apostle.

Saturday, March 24:  General Authorities [I know personally]. Harold Lee [and] Ezra T. Benson called T. [were] Both leaders in the school [Oneida Stake Academy where she went to high school] Mark Petersen’s father in partnership in venture with Joy’s dad. Mother-in-law teaching partner.

Wednesday, May 9:  Ch 23  The Pioneers were glad when the Sabbath came.  Only traveled on Sunday when need be to get water or a good place to camp.  Must rest on Sabbath.  Father was a foreman said if a man rested on the 7th day he could work better the other 6.

Friday May 11&12:  What did the pioneers eat?  . . . In Grandma’s diary- 4 yrs after original company- flour, meal, beans, wild apples, sugar, milk, some butter & bacon, a few dried parsnips, large tortoise  Water not always easy to find & some suffering was felt.


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